Making Your Health The Priority You Deserve

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching with Allison Berneking, M.S., PA-C

Meet Allison

As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a background as a Physician Assistant, I bring my knowledge of physical disease processes and mental health and combine it with my passion for whole body wellness. I believe that our relationship with food is central to our overall health and well-being, and developing a healthy relationship with food and eating is a vital step in managing chronic disease and mental health. Whether you're struggling with weight balance, gut health, stress management, disordered eating, and/or balancing mental health, I work with both individual clients as well as small groups as we set attainable goals and explore together a path towards optimal health both mentally and physically. 

What I Specialize in

Establishing Personal Healthy Eating Habits

Eating for Mental Wellness

Navigating Health Diagnoses and Challenges

Eating Lifestyle for the Entire Family

Combining an expertise in mind-body wellness with a passion for positive food relationships, we can work together to make your overall health and well-being the priority you deserve.



Phone: 215-808-4905